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Some Cambridge China Hire Equipment

Terms & Conditions of Cambridge China Hire

  1. The customer is responsible for the hire equipment for the duration of the hire until checked back in.
  2. When losses or breakages occur no substitute items will be accepted.
  3. All hire equipment to be returned clean unless special arrangements are agreed upon.
  4. If goods are returned dirty, a cleaning charge will apply.
  5. Delivered items are door to door other arrangements will incur an additional charge.
  6. Goods not returned by return date will incur an extra charge.
  7. All customers are responsible for loss or damages incurred during the hire period and charges are payable on return of goods.
  8. All charges are for one day or weekend hire longer hire periods can be arranged.
  9. Any queries regarding delivered goods must be made immediately upon receipt of goods.
  10. Orders may not be reduced within five working days of the hire date. If so the full cost will still be liable.
  11. All goods are subject to VAT if applicable.
  12. Delivery & Collection charges will be stated on quotation.
  13. The Company accepts no responsibility or liability for non fulfillment due to war, civil commotion, riot, adverse weather conditions, fire, breakages, Government Controls, Priority regulations, scarcity of materials, labour difficulties, or any other conditions beyond the control of the Company.
  14. Any damaged goods or shortages’ must be reported to Cambridge China upon the first instance. The hirer must NOT repair or replace the item without Cambridge China Hire’s written consent.
  15. A copy of our replacement charges for any damages or losses shall be provided upon request.
  16. The equipment hired, remains the property of Cambridge China Hire.
  17. Prices quoted are for one day/weekend only.  Extended hire terms available on request.
  18. Hires will be checked as soon as possible after their return, but the time scale will depend on our workload at the time.
  19. The number and type of container will be noted on delivery and collection. A charge will be made for all boxes and cartons lost or damaged.
  20. Cutlery must be rinsed or washed after use, even if washing service has been agreed.
  21. Under no circumstances should scourers or abrasives be used on any hire equipment.
  22. Table linen must not be returned or stored damp or wet. Damage resulting from mildew, stains or burns marks, that will not respond to laundering, will be charged for at the full replacement cost.
  23. When paying by debit / credit card,the company reserves the right to charge any losses and breakages directly to the customer’s credit / debit card without further notification.
Some Cambridge China Hire Equipment